Your health - is our mastermind
Your health - is our mastermind
Your health - is our mastermind
Your health - is our mastermind
Your health - is our mastermind

Our Mission

Improving the quality of life by maintaining health and preventing diseases, as well as facilitating the treatment with innovative products based on natural components. This approach allows us to realize our motto: "Your health is our mastermind"

Our Vision

We are dedicated to creating a healthy lifestyle, because only a healthy person is able to fully realize physical, intellectual, spiritual and reproductive potential. We believe, that the health of the nation and its future depends on everyone's health.

Our Values

Our greatest value are people with whom we cooperate and for which we actually work. We are confident that people will be successful there, where there is a corporate culture of teamwork and cooperation, which are based on honesty and openness, responsibility and honesty, support and trust.


Our business and life philosophy is very simple. We believe that quality is the basis of success. Quality from start to finish. From a quality idea, through quality development and raw materials to the quality of the finished products and provided services.

Our Services

Product Development

International Distribution

Pharmaceutical Marketing


We build relationships with our partners on the basis of an individual approach, because the only way to avoid destructive competition and to achieve effective cooperation. We are sure that equitable and equal partnership is the key to effective management of the business and contributes to the emergence of new joint business ideas. UAMED is open for cooperation with all partners on terms of equal competitive opportunities.


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